What We do

Indoor Rides & Games

A variety of unique, entertaining indoor coasters and games await you at Kalyan Amusement Park

High Thrill Rides

Get ready for the utmost adrenaline rush and experience our High Thrill Rides.

Outdoor Rides

Enjoy your favorite ride and make your weekend action-packed

Arrival of the City's Most Magical Celebration

Get your lightsabers ready and prepare for a journey to your dream world far, far away. Take a ride, multiple rides. Some will drench you. Some will just mess up your hair. Some will make you dizzy.

Our Rides

The Rides of Change

Have you been wondering what to do in Chennai? A trip to Kalyan Amusement Park is the only way to experience something new together! Visit our water rides and land rides in Chennai to enjoy our most thrilling attractions.

You'll also want to check out the other fun events taking place in the park. We want your visit to be non-stop fun.